Chamber Music

Adam has a great passion for chamber music and enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of musicians in some very interesting and musically diverse duo's that range in style from Latin American dances and folksongs to contemporary works by challenging composers.

Violin & Guitar with Michael Bochmann

Micheal Bochmann is one of Britain’s top Violinists and this programme mixes the works of J.S Bach with Latin American music from Colombia and Argentina as well as a new work by Welsh Composer Stephen Goss.

  • Bach.... Sonata BWV 1021, Sonata BWV 1022
  • Stephen Goss.... American Pastoral, Welsh Folksongs
  • Schubert.... Arpeggione Sonata, Sonata in D
  • Millet.... Milonga Final
  • Gonzalez.... Colombian Dances

Flute & Guitar with Clarissa Payne

The Guitar and Flute are a great combination and this programme takes the listener on a journey around the globe discovering Folk and classical styles by some well known composers.

  • Bartók.... Romanian folksongs
  • Schubert.... Arpeggione Sonata
  • John W. Duarte.... Somerset suite
  • Milton Babbitt.... Soli e Duettini
  • Piazzolla.... Histoire du Tango

Welsh Argentine guitar duo with Luis Orias Diz

After meeting in the nineties whilst studying with Leo Brouwer the Welsh Argentine guitar duo have gone on to perform around the world from Buenos Aires to Brecon!. There are many welsh communities in Patagonia and the story of how they came to exist is fascinating. This project takes the listener on a musical journey from Wales to Patagonia with specially commissioned works by Dafydd Bullock and Stephen Goss along side Argentine music by Piazzolla, Walter Heinze and Fernando Millet.

  • Stephen Goss.... The Raw and the cooked, Still the sea, Welsh Folksongs
  • Piazzolla.... Tango suite
  • Dafydd Bullock.... Voyage to Patagonia
  • Fernando Millet.... Papas de Balcarce, Culto el cafecito
  • Reich.... Nagoya Guitars
  • Brouwer.... Micro piezas, Per suonare a due
  • John W. Duarte.... English suite no.2
  • Walter Heinze.... Chamamenmi, Cancion y Huella
  • Marcelo Coronel.... Yerbita Companera

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Guitar & Percussion with Jeremy Little

Adam's love of contemporary music is fully displayed in this programme of new music for guitar and percussion, It includes repertoire by American minimalists Steve Reich, Terry Riley and George Crumb as well as Stephen Goss's Dark Knight, Holy fools which includes a huge array of percussion instruments and effects.

  • Terry Riley.... Dias de los Muertos
  • George Crumb.... Mundus Canis
  • Dafydd Bullock.... Questions marks
  • Ney Rosauro.... Toccata & Divertimento
  • Stephen Goss.... Dark Knights, Holy fools

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Guitar and Bandoneon with Julian Rowlands

Julian Rowlands is well known as one of Britain's top Bandoneon players and is regularly featured on the BBC show “Strictly come Dancing” and as a member of “Tango Siempre” . The duo perform music from Argentina including famous tango's and Milongas by Gardel, Politi, Piazzolla and Gubitsch.

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